Hello! My name is David Hammers, and welcome to Barricade Urban Defense Technologies. Just to give you an idea of who I am and where I’m coming from…

About Me

I have been in the firearms and related retail industry going on almost 30 years and have been actively involved in nearly (nearly…) all forms of the related fields throughout and slightly beyond those 30 years. I started my fascination when the firearms world may very well have been just starting to breech true innovation and imagination, pushing the limits of what a firearm and a cartridge could do (or maybe it just seemed that way). I have been actively involved as an Instructor in the Texas Concealed Handgun Licensing Program for 16 years and have well over 15,000 students under my belt, as well as an extensive knowledge of not only firearms, but holsters, concealed carry, lethal force and the law, ammunition, caliber, reloading, ballistics & trajectory as well as terminal performance from barrel to target (whatever that may be). In other words, long before I was behind the gun counter, I was on your side of the gun counter.

About Barricade UDT

I am a chronic (unapologetic, non-repentant, and non-recovering) firearms enthusiast and am susceptible to all the latest and greatest “gotta haves” just as I imagine you may be. I have done my own share of searching over the internet for certain products, only to be met with a never ending onslaught of websites that only provide the product with little more (or less…) than the manufacturer’s description. And then all subsequent searches take you to a cookie cutter and redundant world of the same information. It has been my experience as a salesman and a buyer that sometimes you need just a little more information to make an educated and confident purchase. Barricade’s primary mission is to provide a little more personalized attention in the form of a continual “review blog” that will hopefully fill in the gaps as to why you should buy a specific product. I will always encourage you to seek out as much information as you can to make an informed choice.

About the Blog

The review blog not only offers product information but also allows me to “blow off steam” on a number of subjects I feel I have extensive experience with. From concealed carry to lethal force and the law, reloading and ammunition, as well as relevant observational articles. My hope is to keep this predictably fresh, as well as maintain an archive of past articles for readers to draw upon.

About the Products I Carry

It’s safe to say that not all products are right for everyone, and with that being said, I am always on the search for a better deal to quality ratio. I love good solid names associated with products, but often the manufacturer in question enjoys a level of success that causes an associated increased expense. All I have ever sought after is “Does it work?” I look at the appearance of quality and functionality, as well as whether it can deliver the goods. Being in retail has taught me that being expensive does not always equate to the above necessary criteria.

I will never carry or sell anything that I do not believe in and that I would not buy for myself. To be able to endorse products personally based on first hand experience lends, in my opinion, a solid level of buyer’s confidence you often do not encounter with other retailers.