Where To Begin

Seems logical, gotta start somewhere. This all began as a thought in more financially comfortable times, as I was already involved heavily in retail for a couple of decades But things change and life evolves (and devolves…) often when you least expect it to or (ever) want it too. I’d been working in gun stores for quite some time and before that worked on an ambulance for a solid decade in the Denver … Continue reading

United Cutlery M48 Tomahawk Series: Product Review

“Zombies Piled Like Cord Wood!!!” One of the core principles at Barricade U.D.T. is that I won’t sell anything I don’t have absolute confidence in, and that typically means I use it, I carry it, or am pretty thoroughly familiar with it. I used to work in retail (big and little box) and due to the fact that I was “enamored” with the stuff I sold, 1) I knew most of the stuff … Continue reading

CRKT Eat’n Tool: Product Review

“High Speed Low Drag Tactical Taco Bell Ninja Spork” Ya know, maybe it’s me (and it very well could be…) but every once in a while you run across something that just makes undeniable, irrefutable sense. I love food, and you could even go so far as to say it is without a doubt my one constant vice (and joy) in this world. With that being said, I have, from somewhere unknown, become … Continue reading

Tate Banhart & Big Boar Tactical

“Training to Handle What Evil May Come” Well actually, it’s Big Boar Tactical Inc. and it’s been what I like to think is the latest (and most logical) evolution in my career path. I had been working before at a retail firearms establishment with an indoor range (that will go unnamed) as a Manager and Instructor and among my duties, was in the capacity of a firearms coach when customers sought to better … Continue reading