Texas Concealed Handgun License

In today’s society, people often have no patience or inclination to take the time and do things right, and reading seems to be one of the big sacrifices that we seem to make. Often we skim and not really read what is in front of us, frequently missing really (really!) important information that would help us avoid wasting time (and making repeated mistakes) that we were trying to circumvent in the first place. This is one of those times when reading and understanding is a really (and imperative) “good thing.”

Okay, so you want to get your Concealed Handgun License in Texas?

Important Notes!

1) Whatever licensure fee may apply, it is exclusive to the license itself and is NOT related to the class fee, which is set by the Instructor. This is a very important distinction.

2) If you think there is something in your past that could stop or otherwise hinder or interfere with the process, you need to tackle that before all other things, so you don’t get way down the road only to find out there is a problem. I can help (and usually am happy to) to a certain extent with general questions, but if you are unsure of a past litigation, it is best to get it from the horse’s mouth and research it through the locale (city, county) where it happened. Typically, most municipalities have a service that will run and print criminal records ($10 – $15 is the norm).

A general list of potential problems:

  • Criminal history involving Class A or B misdemeanors in the last 5 years
  • Class C misdemeanors involving disorderly conduct in the last 5 years
  • Any felonies (that have not been deferred / and within the last 10 years / and NOT an act of violence)
  • History of domestic violence
  • History of controlled substance abuse in the last 10 years
  • Two DWI’s in the last 10 years (defined as controlled substance abuse)
  • History of mental illness diagnosed by a physician or psychiatric professional
  • Under medication prescribed to alter mood or maintain a sense of societal normalcy

If you are unsure or there are specific circumstances I’m unaware of (I’m not a legal expert), you need to contact the Texas Concealed Handgun Licensing Division / Legal Department. They are the final word. Make sure you have ALL information in hand prior to the call, as they will need and require that to make a final determination.

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