Application Process

Note: In my opinion, this is the most time-effective / success-oriented sequence of events. You are NOT required to apply BEFORE you take the class. It just allows for an instant mailing right after you take the class and complete the qualifier.

Step One

Go to and follow the links to the Concealed Handgun Licensing page. Fill out the application and pay online with a credit or debit card. If you do not want to do an online application, you can request a written and mailed version.

My Thoughts: online is “cleaner” (typically) and creates a digital folder in Austin to receive digital fingerprints (required) as well as limiting errors related to time and clerical issues. This typically allows for a quicker issuance.

After you’re done with the application, you will be given a printable bar code (print at least 2 copies) that identifies who you are when you send in your class completion certificate (CHL100), and it also links your fingerprints to the person who is applying.

Step Two

Find an L-1 ID Solutions fingerprinting location at, and bring your “bar code” when you get your prints done.

Step Three

Get 2 passport photos made (Sam’s Club, USPS, etc.)

Step Four

Find a class.

My Thoughts: Not all classes are created equal, and in that light, not all instructors are “all that” either. Ask yourself what you want out of the instructor and the class. Often people opine (that means whine) about the length of the Texas CHL (when it’s done right), and in reality aren’t all that interested in the content — just the license. This is pretty serious stuff, folks, and needs to be taken with that in mind. Find an instructor with some semblance of a reputation and a solid track record, and talk to them. If they are full of what appears to be “personal opinions” and very little solid fact, listen closer to what’s being said (and how) and decide from there. By the way, all too often the price is a strong indicator of what’s ahead. If it’s too good to be true… (After all, you’re only bett’n your life on it).

Final Note

In a perfect world “that instructor” would be me, and I encourage you to shop around, but as a personal bid I offer the following:

  • I’ve been actively involved as a Texas Concealed Handgun Instructor for 16 years (and quite frankly, I’m obsessed with doing it right)
  • 5 recertifications
  • Over 16,000 students (and that’s a conservative estimate)
  • I’ve taught classes from 1 to 55 — private, group, onsite and in my home
  • Over 25 years experience in the firearms world
  • 10 years as an EMT-Paramedic in Denver (lots of relevant stories)
  • I gear my classes for not only the required material, but also what happens before, during and after, as well as “things you really need to know” and “I never thought of that.”

Please visit my website at and don’t hesitate to give me a call at 214-356-7487.