Recommended Instructors

Dave Hammers
Lone Star Civilian Defense Technologies

I became the Lead Firearms Instructor for Big Boar Tactical in early 2012. I have been a Texas Concealed Handgun Instructor for 16 years with over 16,000 students to date, as well as a Firearms Instructor and Coach for just as long.

I was formerly the Manager of a major indoor shooting range and training facility in North Texas, and I have 25 years total in the firearms-related industry. I am accustomed to classes as small as one and as many as 55. A significant percentage of my class is based on my personal first-hand experiences working on an ambulance in the Denver and surrounding Rocky Mountain areas of Colorado for a decade. Intimacy with high stress and “moments notice, zero time” decisions is what I bring to the table, as well as a “left field” look at the reality of life and death, and the decisions and consequences that come along with those choices. To say I am dynamic in my delivery mechanism would be an understatement, as I am well known for my ability to pull you into the moment and take you to places you may never have been before, as it is in my opinion an imperative to carrying a gun in defense of your life or others. This level of seriousness is sprinkled with a heavy dose of thought-provoking humor, as I believe that when delivered well, the lessons “stick to the wall” long after we have parted ways. I specialize in “things you need to know” before, during and after a shooting. In addition, I work as Lead Instructor for Big Boar Tactical with Tate Banhart. Classes are offered for private individuals, groups, onsite as well as large gatherings at designated locations throughout North Texas.

Levi Burton

One of the funniest guys I know and a very good (and rare) friend, Levi has been an Instructor for a relatively short time and is what I call a “born to it” orator, and has already distinguished himself as more than competent and able to deliver a premium class experience. A former employee of the Bullet Trap in Plano, he has garnered a following of customers and contacts in the DFW area through his quick wit, ever present humility, and sincere nature. Low stress and an easy day would be an accurate summation.

Tate Banhart
Big Boar Tactical

Owner and Head Instructor for Big Boar Tactical Inc., an outdoor defensive training facility specializing in handgun, rifle/carbine and shotgun, as well as CHL, urban/rural survival courses, and personal and home security, catering to the specific needs of the client whether individual, groups/family, or professional entities

Tate is without a doubt a people person, with skills that come naturally and have been polished from years of experience as a bodyguard and overseas operator, dealing with people’s various wants and needs in a job that is fraught with hours of tedious boredom punctuated by moments of sheer high-stress, no-time-to-think terror. A quick smile and a reassuring tone come naturally to Tate whether in the classroom or on the tactical range. I’ve worked with him on the range and in the classroom for over a year, and in that time he has earned my respect and admiration. Striving to improve on your skills and knowledge is his constant focus.