5.11 Thumbdrive

5.11 Tactical Thumb Drive (Level II) Holster


I am by my very nature a holster nut, freak of nature, if you will, dedicated to all things leather that hold a firearm and am often found lurking on EBay searching for another to add to the embarrassing larder (300+ and counting) of varying rigs. I am constantly searching for THE holster that lends itself well to my everyday needs and requirements. I, of late have become more appreciative of the subtle advantages of Kydex and it’s brethren (especially when you are sliding into home on a barricade, ON THE HOLSTER!!!).  Anyway, I have to admit I’m pretty impressed with this rig for not only the way it is built (like a tank!), but also the release mechanism is positive and about as naturally ergonomic as they come. keeping the “booger picker away from the bang button’ while arms and hands are flying yet allows for an extremely natural and fast practiced draw (read smooth…). I like the fact that they gave consideration to a “chop shield” as well as belt and paddle considerations. Admittedly limited firearms models are available (but what can you do?) My personal favorite on the range.

Product Description

We believe that the ThumbDrive is the safest and fastest-drawing Level II holster available on the market today. It features our exclusive thumb-activated safety that secures your weapon at all times, and with the optional Chop-BlockTM feature, helps prevent others from removing it during a weapon retention struggle.

  • Holster is reinforced for increased weapon retention
  • Engineered by Blade-Tech, Field tested by Viking Tactics®
  • Includes Belt Slide and Paddle
  • Belt Slide adjusts to fit up to 2.25″ belts
  • Includes removable Chop-BlockTM attachment
  • Optional Drop and Offset kit available (moves holster and firearm away from hip)
  • Optional Thigh rig attachment available


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