Boker Titanium Koppo

Boker Koppo Stick SO4Pro-K (Titanium)


Again, not to harp on it too much……Buuuuut,…. I am a huge fan of the work of Tak Kubota (look it up if you don’t know) and this variation is just way too cool.  Having something that slips in your pants or coat pocket, purse, etc. non-threatening, unobtrusive, close at hand and intuitive to the casual activity such as walking, shopping, pumping gas, going to your car in a darkened parking lot.  It is in those moments,… we’ve done them countless times,….our guard is down, living in a blissful world of personal denial,…. that is when it will happen.  Your ability to react fluidly and without hesitation (strike to the bridge of the nose then follow up with a “whack” to the side of the head) is what will turn the tide in your favor.  Remember, you are the last one to know when an attack is coming. Think about it.

Seriously Recommended!

Product Description


This new SO4PRO-K Lightweight Titanium Pocket Stick has been developed as innovative alternative to other koppo sticks available by Rainer Wenning for Boker. Designed for defensive use, as well as a capable massage tool for relaxation of muscle tightness using the innovative rounded tip. The double finger loop in the middle of the shaft allows you to hold the koppo and use your hands without having to put the koppo down, and prevents dropping or losing the koppo while using it in a defensive situation.

  • Double finger loop (control, retention and flail strikes).
  • Lightweight Titanium construction
  • Ergonomic ability to retain while in open handed combat.
  • Silver (Hidden in plain sight!)
  • Contemporary design allows for discreet and easy carry.
  • Uniform design allow for strikes at both ends.
  • Kinda the “Rolls Royce” of Kubatons.
  • Massage tool……REALLY???
  • 5.5 inches


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