Boker CLB Karambit

Boker USA Plus Chad Los Banos Karambit Knife


This is going to be a recurring theme on my site (so get used to it!).  This little gem fills a niche more utility than defense (although it would suffice nicely).  Its biggest positive is it’s profile is very minimalist (read thin) and where bulk is distained this blade provides an answer.  As much as I would like to carry a fixed variant of a Karambit, it rarely is an option that makes sense in our urban jungle and so I am always on the lookout for the “perfect design”…..again.  I like this because it is a solid manufacturer with a good utility design and just enough “different” to make me look and appreciate where it might fit. Possibly as a rescue blade or emergency utility hanging off a climber, firefighter, EMS, Police, etc., or just well suited due to its ultra thin profile. The Titanium finish and integral carabiner are nice touches as well as the tanto style recurved “stepped blade” allows for serious focused cutting power on demand!

Product Description

This Chad Los Banos design, The first thing you notice is how incredibly thin this knife is and speaks of functional utility while keeping a contemporary and modern profile. The blade is a more subtle curvature while providing adequate reach and control.  Stepped in its design harkens to a khukri reminiscence where the cutting power waits to be focused and applied. Titanium coating makes for a subdued visual signature while the carabiner ring allows for attachment to webbing or belt for quick potentially emergency access.

  • Titanium coated finish.
  • Frame lock folder design incorporated allows for a super thin physical profile.
  • Dual thumb studs
  • G10 handle
  • 440C steel
  • Recurved tanto “stepped blade” enhances focused cutting power.
  • Onboard integral carabiner
  • Blade length: 2 7/8″
  • 7 3/4″ Overall
  • 5 oz.
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