Gerber Efect M4 M16 Field Expedient Cleaning Tool


In my opinion I’m one of those guys who is always anticipating the worse case scenario and asking myself “what could go wrong?”. When it comes to field utility and having what you need WHEN you need it. This little gem in conjunction with possibly an OTIS cleaning system is not too far off the mark. I’ve been fortunate that I have rarely had an issue with my rifle but when it does happen (and it has…) you really start to understand the “prepared dynamic”. Remember it’s not for when things are working, it’s for when things aren’t….Think about it.

Product Description

This Gerber Efect tool was developed to maintain a .223 rifle, specifically the M4 and M16 variants. It has everything you need to take down and clean said firearms.

  • Nylon Brush End
  • Scraper & Punch
  • Curved Pick
  • Front sight Tool
  • Compatible with OTIS cleaning components
  • Includes Nylon Sheath
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