M48 Large Push Dagger

M48 Kommando Tactical Push Dagger Large & Sheath


Since the late 80′s I have had a love affair with the push (or punch) dagger as it is simple and to the point (pun intended!). I have always appreciated the simplicity of the straight up and out presentation that by its very nature (with practice) can be very fluid and unbroken in it’s deployment and delivery. When done properly the “bad guy” doesn’t know he has personal problems to attend to until it’s too late and will be left not only confused but “mentally vapor locked” by the sense of “what just happened?”

Here’s a pearl of wisdom:  If you are ever attacked, it’s was under the belief you would be an easy target.  There is no assumption by your attacker that you will prevail and that is your strongest avenue of defense.  Take it away from them!



Product Description

Note: This item cannot ship to MA,CA,NH,NJ                                                     The M48 Tactical Push Dagger’s distinctive handle shape delivers remarkable strength and penetration, making it a strong personal defense blade. It is designed to be braced against the palm like a traditional push dagger and guided by the index finger for increased accuracy and thrusting power.

  •  2 1/2″ black-coated AUS-6 stainless steel blade
  •  Textured G-10 handle
  • Discreet size, very quick to deploy.
  •  Includes injection-molded nylon sheath with clip
  • Tanto blade configuration, ideal for piercing.
  •  5 3/4″ overall
  • Traditional dagger handle with ergonomics for thrusting delivery from the palm
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