Sabre OC

Sabre Tactical OC Baton


Okay, I am a huge believer in options and I’ve been carrying one of these in one form or another for over 30 years and have yet to have to use it (yet…) Being as how it is attached to my keys it is second nature and very quick in the hand while walking to the car. Very discreet in appearance and low profile in the pocket (with the keys hanging out). I’ve rarely been given a second glance much less an inquiry as to what it actually is. It works in a wide variety of environments (home, work, shopping, etc.).  yet extremely natural to access.(YES, airports know what it is, so don’t!) All this and it provides a solid secondary escalation of force option in a defense situation not only for the pepper spray but as an impact device and key flail if needed.  The spray is rated law enforcement strength and will ruin someone’s day for a solid 30-45 min. Seriously recommended.

Product Description

Note: This item cannot ship to MI,HI,NY,MA,DC,NJ,WI                                                 Sabre Red pepper spray can incapacitate any attacker and now it comes in Maximum Strength Red Pepper formula in the form of a kubaton.This great self defense weapon will fire for approximately 4 bursts at a distance of approximately 5 feet.

  • Can be used as a kubaton as well for striking
  • Key Flail
  • Pain compliance (Google: Kubaton)
  • Discreet low profile appearance and quick to the hand
  • Fires up to 4 powerful bursts
  • Rechargable (recommended after every use)
  • 5 3/4″ tall x 3/4″ wide
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