UC Karambit Honshu Black
Honshu black Karambit 2

United Cutlery Honshu Karambit Black Shoulder Harness


I have for most of my life had a love affair with the “art of the blade”, and traditional designs not withstanding, I have for quite a few years, settled (immersed!) myself in the use, deployment & philosophy of the Karambit. As knives go there are sufficient positives to make a cogent argument from a utility aspect as well as the defense realm. I could go on but no doubt will save a much more comprehensive piece for the sites blog.    Moving on, The Honshu , in my opinion is a great fixed blade design for the entry level enthusiast not only for the price point but also it adheres closely to the traditional design.  Key factors I look for are size, curvature, length of blade and often ignored…ring size. Easily used in an emergency context to free someone as the blade pulls away from persons who may be trapped, but also concentrates the point for precise application. Lets face it, its aggressive design lends well for defense and once in hand is difficult to disarm. In fact, with a little medical knowledge in anatomy & physiology plus enough repetitive practice drills one could provide a would be assailant with “food for thought” from non lethal strikes to instilling increasing concern and alarm from some “unanticipated leaks” and subsequently get their mind off continuing the confrontation in lieu of seeking immediate medical attention.  Let’s be honest, no one in their right mind WANTS to harm another (least of all in the manner described above…) but as I am known to frequently recount in class (Defense, CHL, Lethal Force), They brought the fight, you finish it.

Product Description

When you need an easily concealed defense weapon, this Honshu Karambit knife is exactly what you are looking for.

  • 4″ 7cr stainless steel blade
  • Discreet black oxide coated blade (stealth!)
  • Quick, natural deployment
  • Multiple avenues of engagement, optimized design, ideal for Defense, strikes, traps, hooks, pain compliance, takedown and finish.
  • Aggressive design with rear pommel focus point for strikes and compliance.
  • Virtually impossible to disarm once deployed and in the hand.
  • ABS shoulder harness and sheath included.
  • 8 3/4″ overall
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