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“Training to Handle What Evil May Come”

big boar tactical, personal defense, self defense, firearms trainingWell actually, it’s Big Boar Tactical Inc. and it’s been what I like to think is the latest (and most logical) evolution in my career path. I had been working before at a retail firearms establishment with an indoor range (that will go unnamed) as a Manager and Instructor and among my duties, was in the capacity of a firearms coach when customers sought to better their technique (or just plain learn). This environment was fine for the beginner but “sterile” in that there was no ability to really learn beyond the basics. Standing static in a stall, shooting at a piece of paper has its place, no argument there, but the student would stale eventually without more stimuli. Especially if the focus was on defense, drawing from the holster, multiple engagement, movement, problem solving, reloads, taking cover, etc. brings a whole new (and stimulating) dimension to the game.

I was fortunate (very) in early 2012 to have been introduced by a friend to a security professional and bodyguard who felt as I did, and took it a step farther by starting a small training facility in the DFW area, and business was such that he needed some extra support so that his company could grow. We hit it off and things (and the company) have been moving forward ever since. Tate Banhart, Owner and Lead Firearms Instructor for Big Boar Tactical Inc, has an established reputation in the professional security arena as a bodyguard with actual real world combat experience in the private sector overseas, anti terrorist trained as well as being thoroughly versed in the tactical and defensive application of a number of firearms disciplines (handgun, rifle, shotgun) along with being a certified NRA Firearms Instructor, Texas CHL Instructor, Naval military veteran, and survival specialist. In other words, he’s “been there and done that.”

lead firearms instructor, personal security, bodyguard

What most people immediately notice about Tate is a quick smile and a very easy, disarming and approachable demeanor — definitely a people person. This in and of itself is a little unexpected (given his credentials) as to the typical firearms instructor visual. This is deliberate (and sincere) as it is not uncommon that in the firearms world where so many are “alpha” by nature and a little overwhelming in their blanket approach and manner of instruction to a wide range of students from all walks of life with little accommodation or consideration to an individual’s unique and possibly singular needs. Today’s student could be the predictable former Military, Law Enforcement/Security Professional or just plain enthusiastic “alpha male” ready to get out of the armchair and into the noise, but as with the times, this persona has changed to a more subdued and reserved civilian mentality with a genuine concern for personal safety and ongoing security for their family and loved ones. With the ever increasing growth and acceptance of concealed carry (CHL) as well as the very palpable sense of more serious things to come in our society, we are seeing an ever increasing interest in firearms purchases and defensive and tactical training to augment the average person’s skill set. We at Big Boar Tactical pride ourselves on our ability to “match and modify,” to accommodate the student’s individual needs, men and women alike, from the novice/beginner to the seasoned professional that needs a continuing education and a challenge to stay sharp, we can do it all. Because we are (at this time) currently small, we run our classes more on an appointment basis than scheduled class dates and offer much more target specific training, addressing specific student needs as well as catering to classes from one to 20 depending on the parameters of those concerned. Class duration is from 2, 4 and 8 hours typically and are available as well in multi-day immersive experiences. Pricing is competitive and downright reasonable with a lean to giving you more than what you paid for (or expected).

Emphasis is put on time management and economy of motion in an endeavor to cut away the unnecessary “fat” of a given task. Knowing that a practiced press of the trigger is measured in hundreds of a second and everything in between is what eats up precious time in a life and death encounter. Our philosophy departs from the belief that a student has to achieve one level to move on to the next, and each student is evaluated based on a one-on-one assessment of safety, gun handling, situational awareness, existing skills and reality based maturity. Once established, the student is taken through a series of controlled exercises to establish a baseline of existent skills, and we find where the drop off is and move from there. Expectations and judgments are left to the student to determine, as we strive to improve and expand on that at their speed and comfort, adding more complex tasks and problem management as they demonstrate competency. Stress is added gradually as we have found that this adds a sense of focused urgency (read adrenalin), and the payoff of personal achievement as well as breaking down the barriers of what is perceived (by them) as their preconceived limits to what they are actually capable of or used to. It has been my personal (and recurring) experience that most who choose to carry a firearm rarely practice to a level beyond casual target and bullseye work (much less practice at all, and you know who you are!), and are intellectually as well as emotionally unarmed and ill prepared to deal with an active shooting, often resorting to fantasy and TV/movies to shore up their vision of “how it will go down.”

I submit to you that just a few hours of training can be a game changer (to start with, I will always recommend more…) and put you way ahead of the game in relation to the masses when it comes to dealing with the worst day of your life. One of the unique aspects of Big Boar is that Tate brings a wealth of knowledge outside the normal range of a shooting facility with classes dealing with real world problems from basic introductory courses in all disciplines, home defense, life threat and in-home security evaluations, beginner to advanced active shooter scenarios, executive security/bodyguard training, team and group dynamics (corporate, workplace, professional & home: husband/wife/family). Emphasis is put on communication and coordinated tactical solutions. Tate understands all too well, the potential for economic collapse and his urban/rural survival training is extensive and is without a doubt timely in this current economy. Texas Concealed Handgun Classes are available through several locations from Denton to Sherman to McKinney, as well as private onsite offerings with packages for individuals and groups as well as encouraging a “CHL Plus” course option, for a more thorough and complete training experience. Encompassing not only the knowledge of the laws & licensure requirements but also a 4 hour follow up reality & scenario based Defensive Handgun Course. Our classes incorporate primarily the use of steel reactive targets as well as specialty drills like single & multiple engagement dynamics, crowd negotiation/surgical shooting, cover & concealment, movement and barricade, hostage and failure to stop solutions, “getting out of the hole” as well as crisis intervention (jams, stoppages and failure to fire) problem solving.

I learned a long time ago that no man is an island, and there is always something I did not know and am waiting (and open) to learn. We at Big Boar Tactical feel that our primary goal is to have the student excel to the best of their ability, but temper that with the realistic belief that no one singular method is necessarily the best for everyone. We provide training that has served us well, and we are confident it will do the same for you. Under stress, where the end game has always been “whoever hits first, wins.” When you’ve seen the elephant, the balloon has gone up, and your ass is on fire, in that moment of truth, ask yourself, “Who will be left standing when the smoke clears and the dust has settled?”

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