United Cutlery M48 Tomahawk Series: Product Review

“Zombies Piled Like Cord Wood!!!”

united cutlery m48 tomahawk series, product reviewOne of the core principles at Barricade U.D.T. is that I won’t sell anything I don’t have absolute confidence in, and that typically means I use it, I carry it, or am pretty thoroughly familiar with it. I used to work in retail (big and little box) and due to the fact that I was “enamored” with the stuff I sold, 1) I knew most of the stuff we sold intimately, and 2) I knew the type of customer as well as what trending tides influenced their purchases. Let’s face it, the products I specialize in walk a fine line between necessity (in the worst possible way) and just plain cool. This is one of those items that (IMHO), inhabits both realms. The M48 Tomahawk series falls without a doubt, authoritatively into that spot where true utility and pure testosterone meet. The fascination with the fighting tomahawk was most memorably rekindled during the Vietnam conflict as a close combat and erstwhile entrenching tool, and although somewhat shrouded in secret has over the years resurfaced as a viable resource in CQB as well as breeching tasks.

I won’t pretend not to be drawn to that which exudes cool, and with the M48, this is no exception. I had always entertained an arms distance fascination with the Fighting/Throwing Tomahawk, but felt the original representation of the Vietnam era version to be a bit half hearted in design (just pure blunt force), and the traditional Native American variants to be lacking in technological advancement of the times. Not so with the M48. Whoever put thought to paper and subsequently executed it in three dimensions put significant thought into not only function but formidable grace (some would argue downright sexy), and I gotta admit when I saw it I was dubious that it could hold up despite it’s eclectic appearance. From the anodized 8” AUS-6 stainless steel blade and penetrating spike to the fiberglass handle bolted to the head with 3 hex head bolts. Included is a utility molle compatible synthetic sheath; this is pure form and function. From splitting and slashing attacks to hooking takedowns and light armor penetration capabilities. Fully up to the task (and encouraged) as a thrower. Solid as a rock, built like a tank and light enough for extended carry and use. Available in a number of colors and variations (Black, Deluxe cord wrapped OD w/ Compass, Cord wrapped Orange, Yellow and Zombie Apocalypse Green), and even a long handled battle/breeching variant. I consider all this, and for a more than affordable cost to quality ratio, an uncommon value in a world where all too often quality is sacrificed for looks. You get it all.

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