Where To Begin

Seems logical, gotta start somewhere. This all began as a thought in more financially comfortable times, as I was already involved heavily in retail for a couple of decades

But things change and life evolves (and devolves…) often when you least expect it to or (ever) want it too.

I’d been working in gun stores for quite some time and before that worked on an ambulance for a solid decade in the Denver area so I could talk to people and typically that went hat-in-hand with helping them with what they wanted (or desperately needed) at the time. My love of firearms was born long ago in a household not really interested with hunting or for that matter anything else related to them so it was a secret and initially forbidden passion that if I wanted to explore it, it would have to be solely by my own hand. My first firearm was purchased with the help of a friend when I was NOT 21, and yeah I know (now!), it was more than likely less than a legal endeavor and often wonder, had I understood actually what I was doing, would I have? That was a time when gun laws were viewed as more of a contrived technicality than a way to halt true criminal activity. I remember (and you still catch second amendment mumblings from time to time) of old timers in gun stores (sometimes even owners and employees, although nearly unheard of nowadays) who would more or less go through the motions of paperwork viewed more as a formality than a closely observed method of detecting the next serial mass murderer, someone not-quite-right or just plain pissed off. Not anymore. I have no real protest against this as I know all too well now (and have dealt with many times) those who fall into this category. So live and learn.

My interest before all this was limited to blades, knives, daggers and even swords in all configurations, and I even had the pleasure of working in a knife store in Colorado for a couple of years and with that, fostered a friendship with a guy who really knew his metal and helped me to understand how to balance a knife purchase with what I was going to actually do with it. This included physical balance, shape, composition/metallurgy and hardness to the task at hand. My constant (and kinda slutty, read diverse) interest in martial arts allowed me to soak up the many designs and ideas of the time and see their value where others did or could not. I am by my very nature, non-violent (some would roll their eyes at this), but I have no qualms with understanding the reality of our times and how the world has gone slowly and inexorably in an ever increasingly seriously wrong direction. In my book, it is not as much about violence as it is about how to deter violence. Sometimes just knowledge alone has a repelling effect on those who would mean others harm. In other words “I know something you don’t and you’re gonna wish you did”, and having a means to an end close at hand is just the next realistic evolution if the need is called upon.

This doesn’t make you bad…. it makes you ready.

All this has brought me here to where I am now. I often start my (Texas) Concealed Handgun Classes with a comment that “everyone is good at something… this is what I am good at.”

Someone once accused me of being an “expert,” and that caused me to cringe and attempt a backpedalling awkward rebuttal of “I’m just a guy with an intimate knowledge of a specific subject.” My accuser pointed out without skipping a beat “Dave, that’s what an expert is.” Okay, I get that, but it always leaves me feeling a little “uncomfortable,” in that you want to be right (every time) for other people and are reflexively worried about coming up short in someone else’s eyes or letting them down. It’s no secret that I was never in love with retail but it is in fact very easy to sell what you know and believe in. My constant equation has been to “go with what you know” and tell the truth, good and bad. I myself, being on the other side of the counter has given way to an understanding, through sheer saturation of experience, economy and how price does not always equate to quality.

Much of what I find value in is shrouded in suspicion or a poorly earned bad reputation from someone who really knows little more than hearsay (at best). I’m only concerned with simply, does it work? My end goal with BarricadeUDT was to develop a web resource that was a little more refined and personal. All too often when someone goes looking for a product on the internet (especially now), it is a gamble of faith and the canned manufacturer’s description (found literally everywhere, verbatim) is leaned heavily (rightly so) in their favor. I understand that, but sometimes the customer needs a little more to consummate the final decision. It just plain nice to have someone tell you why this is that good, or this is “why” this is the right choice for them… or not.

This Blog is a resource geared to that end, and I can tell you right now, without hesitation that I am to many, a flawed writer and my sentence structure and composition is seriously wanting (apparently). To those who would go that route of criticism I can only say, “Whatever.” I have always maintained a suspicion of “who” exactly made up these rules and then made them “official.” I will always assert that writing is an effort at cogent communication and should not be bridled to the extent that you lose the soul of the author in question. In other words can you read it? Can you understand it? And does it convey an accurate message? If all these are accomplished an argument is wasted time by someone way too concerned with their own self-importance. In addition you will find categories related to products, reloading, concealed carry, lethal force and the law, training, holsters, ammunition, ballistics and what I suspect to be more than the occasional rant on a myriad of topics and personal observations.

I can tell you right now that looking over the above article I can see multiple sub-articles that are yet to be written (but will). I really don’t expect to become a millionaire with this endeavor (at least not for a while) but it allows me an opportunity to channel what I do enjoy. And if in the process I help some people, make some new friends, play with new toys, and actually manage to turn a profit then that would be cool.

I’m out,


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